Geaux Clean Car Wash is a locally owned and operated express car wash chain, in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. Our locations include: Burbank, Central, Dutchtown, Highland, O'Neal, Siegen, and soon to be Corporate. We are the only express car wash in Louisiana that uses Ceramic Infused Chemicals. We have an exclusive partnership with Blair Ceramics (Click Here to Learn More About Blair Ceramics and The Ceramic Layering Technology Process.) No one must ever choose between quality and value - we provide both! Our state-of-the-art Peco® equipment delivers a safe and gentle car wash every time. As added value, the extraordinary quality of brushes and compounds are designed to protect paint, plastic, and trim. To top it off, each car wash includes powerful and free vacuums with every wash. Our vacuums are without a doubt the most powerful in Louisiana. Each site also includes floor mat cleaning machines, bug prep tanks, and available cleaning supplies to ensure and overall amazing cleaning experience. At Geaux Clean Car Wash, we take pride in every customer delivering unrivaled quality and extraordinary value each and every wash! 

Geaux Clean Car Wash also takes initiative when it comes to protecting the environment. Did you know? The most eco-friendly way to wash your vehicle is by washing it at an eco-friendly commercial car wash like Geaux Clean. According to the International Car Wash Association, the average person washing a vehicle at home uses a whopping 80 to 140 gallons of water, as opposed to the 40 typically used at Geaux Clean Car Wash. Also, every chemical used at Geaux Clean Car Wash is biodegradable and all run-off is treated before entering the sewer system. We take extreme pride in providing a high quality wash while remaining environmentally friendly.

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